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Thai National AGRIS Centreศูนย์สนเทศทางการเกษตรแห่งชาติ

Thai National AGRIS Centre was established in March 13, 1980 by General National FAO Committee, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives cooperated with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Contact : Tel. (662) 942-8616; Fax (662) 940-6688; E-mail:


International Buffalo Information Centre (IBIC) – ศูนย์สนเทศทางกระบือนานาชาติ

International Buffalo Information Centre (IBIC) is a specialized information center on buffalo. Established in 1981 by Kasetsart University (Thailand) with financial support from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada. IBIC aims at being the buffalo information center of buffalo research community throughout  the world.

Contact : Tel. (662) 942-8616 ext. 344; Fax (662) 940-6688; E-mail:


Kasetsart University Agriculture Knowledge Centre (AGKC) – ศูนย์ความรู้ด้านการเกษตร มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์

Kasetsart University Agriculture Knowledge Centre (AGKC) is a new library service with the objective of commemorate the Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the throne. AGKC is the service centre providing information in the areas of agriculture and related fields. Its extended agriculture information service are base on knowledge repository which has been developed and accumulated for a long time. The repository comprises Thai National AGRIS Centre (Thai AGRIS) and International Buffalo Information Centre (IBIC). In addition, Thai AGRIS and IBIC are also networking with both national and international organization namely Thai National Agricultural Information Coordinating Centre and International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS/FAO).

Contact : Tel. (662) 942-8616 ext. 345, 346 ; Fax (662) 940-6688;

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