Online Newspapers (หนังสือพิมพ์ออนไลน์)

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iQNewsClip is an on-line news clipping Service that offers news clipps from more than 30 newspapers. All news clips are presented in clean and clear formats available in color and black & white. Each clip is indexed and categorized to accommodate your specific requirements, together with full text search functions.

iQNewsClip users can search in full-text to find specific words anywhere in the headline and story, while other services support searches only from news headlines or pre-defined keywords. Access to this database is limited to 8 concurrent users.


NewsCenter Web Online news from Thai and English newspapers and other various resources including magazines, newswires, government agencies, exchanges news, financial and investment information, internet news and related information from poll, press release, stock commentary, laws and research publications back to 1992. Full text is available. This database is published by Infoquest Limited. For more details please contact reference librarian at lib_services @ku.ac.th or Tel. 0 2942 8616 Ext 123, 227. Access to this database is limited to 3 concurrent users.

[Title List]

–>> now NewCenter on Web (Update: Feb 2019)

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