Coloration Technology (Wiley)
Fashion and Textiles (Springer Open)
Fibre Chemistry (Springer Link)
Home Textiles Today (Business Source Complete)
International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education (Taylor & Francis)
Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice (Taylor & Francis)
Journal of textile and apparel technology and management
Journal of textile engineering (J-STAGE)
Journal of Textiles (Hindawi)
The Journal of The Textile Institute (Taylor & Francis)
Journal of the Textile Machinery of Japan – Proceedings (J-SATGE)
Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan (J-SATGE)
New Zealand Apparel (Business Source Complete)
Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture (Taylor & Francis)
Textiles and Clothing Sustainability (Springer Open)
Textile Progress (Taylor & Francis)
Textile World (Business Source Complete)
Women’s Wear Daily – WWD (Business Source Complete)


Advanced Textile Engineering Materials (Wiley)
Advances in shape memory polymers (Science Direct)
Advances in textile biotechnology (Science Direct)
Advances in Wool Technology (Science Direct)
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Textiles and the Clothing Supply Chain (Science Direct)
Braiding Technology for Textiles: Principles, Design and Processes (Science Direct)
Chemicals and Methods for Conservation and Restoration: Paintings, Textiles, Fossils, Wood, Stones, Metals, and Glass (wiley)
Colour Design: Theories And Applications (Science Direct)
Engineering Textiles: Research Methodologies, Concepts, and Modern Applications (Taylor&Francis)
Environmental Impact of Textiles : Production, Processes and Protection(Ebsco)
Essentials of Polymer Flooding Technique (Wiley)
Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection (Science Direct)
The Global Textile and Clothing Industry: Technological Advances and Future Challenges (Science Direct)
Green and Sustainable Advanced Materials: Processing and Characterization (Wiley)
Green Chemistry for Dyes Removal from Wastewater: Research Trends and Applications (Wiley)
Handbook of Medical Textiles (Science Direct)
Handbook of Footwear Design and Manufacture (Science Direct)
High Performance Technical Textiles (Wiley)
Identification of textile fibers (Science Direct)
Innovative jacquard textile design using digital technologies (Science Direct)
–Interior Textiles: Design and Developments (Science Direct)
Joining Textiles: Principles And Applications (Science Direct)
Medical and healthcare textiles (Science Direct)
Multidisciplinary know-how for smart-textiles developers (Science Direct)
Nanocellulose: From Fundamentals to Advanced Materials (Wiley)
Nanomaterials in the Wet Processing of Textiles (Wiley)
Natural Fiber Textile Composite Engineering (Taylor & Francis)
Pattern Cutting For Clothing Using Cad: How To Use Lectra Modaris Pattern Cutting Software (Science Direct)
Protective Clothing: Managing Thermal Stress (Science Direct)
Smart textiles for protection (Science Direct)
Silk: Processing, Properties and Applications (Science Direct)
Simulation in Textile Technology: Theory And Applications (Science Direct)
Surface modification of textiles (Science Direct)
Sustainable Textiles – Life Cycle and Environmental Impact (Science Direct)
Technical Textile Yarns – Industrial and Medical Applications (Science Direct)
Textile Design: Principles, Advances and Applications (Science Direct)
Textile Fiber Microscopy: A Practical Approach (Wiley)
Textile Processing with Enzymes 
Textiles and Clothing (Wiley)
Textiles and Environment (Taylor&Francis)
Textiles and Fashion: Materials, Design and Technology (Science Direct)
Transforming Clothing Production Into a Demand-driven, Knowledge-based, High-tech Industry: The Leapfrog Paradigm (SpringerLink)
Woven Textile Structure: Theory And Applications (Science Direct)
Woven Textiles: Principles, Technologies And Applications (Science Direct)

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