e-Book ด้านการเกษตร (Agriculture e-Books)

e-Book ด้านการเกษตร

Agricultural Automation: Fundamentals and Practices (Taylor & Francis)

Agricultural Resource Use and Management (Taylor & Francis)

Agricultural Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050 (Springer Link)

Agricultural Statistical Data Analysis Using Stata (Taylor & Francis)

Agricultural Sustainability: Progress and Prospects in Crop Research (Science Direct)

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff (Wiley)

Animal Husbandry Regained: The Place of Farm Animals in Sustainable Agriculture (Taylor & Francis)

Application of Soil Physics in Environmental Analyses (SpringerLink)

Archaeological Soil and Sediment Micromorphology (Taylor & Francis)

Bioenergy Feedstocks: Breeding and Genetics (Wiley)

Chemical Ecology of Insect Parasitoids (Wiley)

Combating Climate Change: An Agricultural Perspective (Taylor & Francis)

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Four : Conservation Planning (Taylor & Francis)

Grapevine in a Changing Environment: A Molecular and Ecophysiological Perspective (Wiley)

Hydrostructural Pedology (Wiley)

Improving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture (Wiley)

Improving Water and Nutrient‐Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems (Wiley)

Management, Performance, and Applications of Micro Irrigation Systems (Taylor & Francis)

Microbes for Climate Resilient Agriculture (Wiley)

Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Science (Wiley)

The Oil Palm, Fifth edition (Wiley)

Omics Technologies and Crop (Taylor & Francis)

Organic Agricultural Practices: Alternatives to Conventional Agricultural Systems (Taylor & Francis)

Otitis Externa: An Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment (Wiley)

Pedodiversity (Taylor & Francis)

Phosphate in Soils: Interaction with Micronutrients, Radionuclides and Heavy Metals (Taylor & Francis)

Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses (Wiley)

Phytonutritional Improvement of Crops (Wiley)

Plant, Soil and Microbes (Springer Link)

Plant Breeding Reviews: Volume 38 (Wiley)

Precision Farming: Soil Fertility and Productivity Aspects (Taylor & Francis)

–Principles of Sustainable Soil Management in Agroecosystems (Taylor & Francis)

Quinoa: Improvement and Sustainable Production (Wiley)

The Role of Bioinformatics in Agriculture (Taylor & Francis)

Second Nature Urban Agriculture: Designing Productive Cities (Taylor & Francis)

Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems (SpringerLink)

Soil Carbon (SpringerLink)

Soil Geography of the USA: A Diagnostic-Horizon Approach (SpringerLink)

Soils in Natural Landscapes (aylor & Francis)

Soil Water Measurement: A Practical Handbook (Wiley)

Sustainability Challenges in the Agrofood Sector (Wiley)

Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2 (Springer Link)

Sustainable Energy Solutions in Agriculture (Taylor & Francis)

Sustainable Soil Management (Taylor & Francis)

Water and Fertigation Management in Micro Irrigation (Taylor & Francis)

Weed Anatomy (Wiley)


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