e-book ว่าด้วยเรื่อง Omics

e-book ว่าด้วยเรื่อง Omics


5th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB 2011) -SpringerLink

– Applications of Toxicogenomics in Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment (Wiley)

Annual Plant Reviews Volume 48: Phosphorus Metabolism in Plants, Volume 48 (Wiley)

Basic Concepts of Molecular Pathology (SpringerLink)

Bioinformatics and Biomarker Discovery: “Omic” Data Analysis for Personalized Medicine (Wiley)

Biomarker Validation (Wiley)

Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering (Wiley)

Biotechnology of Lactic Acid Bacteria: Novel Applications, Second Edition (Wiley)

Cancer Risk Evaluation: Methods and Trends (Wiley)

Chemical Ecology (Wiley)

Computational Toxicology (Science Direct)

Engineering Complex Phenotypes in Industrial Strains (Wiley)

Essentials of Genomic and Personalized Medicine (Science Direct)

Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes (Wiley)

Foodborne Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance (Wiley)

Foodomics: Advanced Mass Spectrometry in Modern Food Science and Nutrition (Wiley)

From Physics to Daily Life (Wiley)

From Plant Genomics to Plant Biotechnology (Science Direct)

Genomic Approaches in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Wiley)

The Handbook of Metabonomics and Metabolomics (Science Direct)

Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches (Wiley)

Improving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture (Wiley)

Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress (Wiley)

Information Resources in Toxicology (Science Direct)

Integration of Omics Approaches and Systems Biology for Clinical Applications (Wiley)

Insect Resistance Management: Biology, Economics, and Prediction (Science Direct)

Legumes under Environmental Stress: Yield, Improvement and Adaptations (Wiley)

Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Interpretation, and Applications (Wiley)

Metagenomics for Microbiology (Science Direct)

Metallomics: Analytical Techniques and Speciation Methods (Wiley)

Microbes: Concepts and Applications (Wiley)

Molecular Aspects of Aging: Understanding Lung Aging (Wiley)

Molecular Medicine: Genomics to Personalized Healthcare (Science Direct)

Molecular Neuroendocrinology: From Genome to Physiology (Wiley)

Molecular Nutrition and Genomics: Nutrition and the Ascent of Humankind (Wiley)

Molecular Tools and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Science Direct)

Neural Degeneration and Repair: Gene Expression Profiling, Proteomics and Systems Biology (Wiley)

Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease: Food Factors and Gene Interactions (Wiley)

Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease: Towards a Systems‐Level Understanding of Gene–Diet Interactions, Second Edition (Wiley)

Omics in Clinical Practice (Taylor & Francis)

Omics in Plant Breeding (Wiley)

OMICs Technologies: Tools for Food Science (Taylor & francis)

Omics Technologies and Crop Improvement (Taylor & Francis)

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Innovation and Production: Innovation and Production (Wiley)

Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development (SpringerLink)

Plant Abiotic Stress, Second Edition (Wiley)

Probiotic Bacteria and Enteric Infections (SpringerLink)

Protein Function Prediction for Omics Era (SpringerLink)

Support Vector Machines and Their Application in Chemistry and Biotechnology (Taylor&Francis)

Systems Biology, VI (Wiley)

Systems Biology: Applications in Cancer-Related Research (World Scientific)

Toxicogenomics-Based Cellular Models: Alternatives to Animal Testing for Safety Assessment (Science Direct)

Toxins and Hemostasis (SpringerLink)

Translational Genomics for Crop Breeding: Abiotic Stress, Yield and Quality, Volume 2 (Wiley)

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